You don’t really need specific workout equipments to start leading a more active life because there are different ways to stay fit using household items.

In fact, your home is filled with homemade fitness equipment if you know where to look and how to use them.

You have a few common household items on hand: check your garage it’s a wealth of unexpected workout tools, you can piece together a full-body routine to match practically any gym-based workout.

Here are 11 effective ways to stay fit using your household items

1- Grab a Rope

The rope acts as a resistance band and can be used for various exercises such as rows of seats, rolling up, rolling off and planks with leg raises.

Tie a knot at both ends of the rope and find a good strong tree in your garden. Throw one end of the rope over the branch, where both ends now hang on the branch. With the rope, you can now do reverse rows, squats, and similar exercises. The rope can also be a good tool to help you stretch before and after you exercise.

2- Replace the Dumbbells

Find a stable bar that can hold weight. Metal bars, fence posts, and strong wood can serve as a barbell. Now it’s time to find some weights. Paint buckets work great because the handles easily fit over the bar. If the buckets are not colored, you can fill them with other heavy materials.

You can also make your own dumbbells by weight by taking two 5-gallon buckets and filling them with concrete. Before drying the concrete, put a large piece of metal in the middle of the bucket to serve as a rod. You can use your homemade weights for deadlifts, squats, and lunges. The homemade weights are also suitable for bench press if you find something that serves as a bench.

3- PVC Pipe

PVC pipe is an amazing fitness tool, especially if you pick up caps from a hardware store to close off the ends. You can fill a large piece of PVC with water or sand (either partially, or completely), and use the pipe as an unbalanced, weighted barbell.

If you’re a really hard-working and creative mind, you can construct almost anything using PVC. For instance, Todd Kuslikis built an entire freestanding fitness jungle gym using PVC.

4- Pull Out Paper Plates

If you have extra paper plates lying around, you have found another useful household item for your routine. Paper plates are perfect as sliders for certain training sessions. They can also be used on hardwoods, and carpets, which means there is no excuse for you not to try them at home.

Double the paper plates and use them like a towel on the floor. Use them for exercises like plank jacks, mountaineers, and pikes. Stand with one foot on the paper plate on the floor and slide your leg back and forth, bending your knee until the other knee reaches an angle of about 90 degrees.

5. Couch Cushion

Couch cushions or pillows in general are amazing, making them the perfect alternative to expensive balance tools. They’re harder to face on and perform exercises on because your body has got to work harder to take care of stuffing-filled surface.

Couch cushions or pillows in general are amazing, making them the perfect alternative to expensive balance tools. They’re harder to face on and perform exercises on because your body has got to work harder to take care of stuffing-filled surface.

6- Grab a Chair

A chair is very useful tool when it comes to exercising from home. Find a chair in your house and put it in an open place where you can complete your exercise routine. Start training with pushups by placing your hands on the seat of the chair and doing pushups. Then try to reject pushups by placing your feet on the chair.

A chair can also be used for dips. First, place both hands on the front corners of the chair seat and stretch your legs out in front of you. Bend your elbows to lower, then raise again to do a repetition. You can also add an extra chair under your feet to increase the difficulty.

7- Use The Stairs

Many houses have a series of stairs either inside or outside the house. If you are lucky enough to have stairs at home, they are a great way to make your heart beat faster and burn your muscles. Walking or running up and down the stairs offers great cardio workouts.

If you want to make your workout difficult, throw the full backpack on your back before reaching the stairs. You can also use the stairs for other exercises, for example, pushups, dips, and various routes.

8- Use a Wall

In each house, you will find at least four walls that offer excellent stability for routes and exercises. We all hate sitting on the wall, but they are a great way to train your quads and glutes. Simple is that you can stand with your back against the wall, carefully slide into a sitting position and try to hold it for a minute.

Since you have a wall, you can also do wall push-ups. Stand against the wall with shoulder-length arms, put your hands on the wall and simply press them against the wall.

9- Find Some Heavy Books

A heavy book can help you take your core to the next level while exercising from home. Place the hardcover book on your chest as you crunch to add excitement to the intense workout.

Also, try to lie on your back with your hands in the air and hold the book over you. Then use your abs to lift your shoulders off the floor. You can also pull this chair out to do another exercise that targets your core and legs. While sitting on the chair, hold your legs together in front of your body and place the heavy book on your shins. Slowly raise and lower your legs to feel the burning sensation.

10- Load a Backpack

Everyone has an old backpack near his home and it’s time to put it on best use. You just need to fill the backpack with items from your home to add strength to your bodyweight movements. You can throw some old books, clothes, pots, or even some of these beers in the fridge that you haven’t fought back.

Once the backpack is filled with a comfortable amount of weight, you can wear it in your home for lunges, squats, pushups, and other cardio exercises.

11- Use a Towel

If you don’t have a yoga mat, put a few towels down. They are not as soft as the mat, but they serve the same purpose. A towel can also help you do important stretches before and after your workout.

In a plank position, place a folded towel under your feet and slowly move your hips towards the sky as your body slides feet towards your hands. For those who have door handles that are not round, you can try using a row towel. Wrap the towel around the door handle, put your feet against the door, lean back until your arms are straight, and pull yourself up until your chest touches the door.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, Workouts don’t require expensive equipment. What they do require is a willingness to put in some energy or motivation, even if that means finding creative equipment solutions. So go ahead and take a lap around your house to see what hidden workout tools you can uncover they’re probably hiding in your house garage or somewhere where you didn’t go for a long period of time. Go and find the household items because these are the ways to stay fit.

That’s what I found really interesting and worth sharing about ways to stay fit. Please comment below and let us know your opinion on this?

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