Bedtime mistakes considered to be the biggest mistakes when we generally talk about gaining weight. We should avoid these mistakes earliest.

Seeing extra pounds on scale is really a mind shaking condition when you are too conscious about weight management. Eating healthy, drinking a lot of water is genuinely a great option in order to stay active during a day.

But there are few bedtime mistakes which makes us to gain weight and gaining weight is not a suitable condition. Due to too much weight many harmful diseases activates in your body.

In this article, we are sharing 9 most important bedtime mistakes that make us gain weight. You must read them and comment below in order to tell us about your experience regarding these mistakes.

1- Using Mobile Late At Night

Mobile devices are very harmful or bad for a restful night’s sleep. The main thing is radiation signals and the other one is blue light from the screen’s backlight burns through melatonin.

Try to avoid this type of activity before going to bed. In fact, read some books before going to bed and save the screen time for the morning time. It is also very beneficial for your eyes as well.

2-  Surrounding Colors

It’s a fact, that color has a huge impact on feeling hungry? Shades of blue color, for instance, give a sense of comfort and relaxation which can make you sleepy.

Orange and red colors, make us hyper and more active which is the reason for staying up later than usual and potentially getting hungry late at night.

3-  Sleeping With The Light On

This is the biggest mistake people do while going to bed for sleeping because the added light can trick your body into thinking that it’s a daytime.

Make sure to switched off the lights when you go to sleep. You will experience better sleep and wake up more refreshed than you ever did before.

4- Lack Of Exercise Or Workout

There are countless benefits of exercise and workout because it helps out to burn extra calories and makes us fit. Luckily, it also beneficial for better sleep at night. people who do exercises tend to sleep deeper and longer.

Exercises and physical activity play an important role in weight loss, as they increase your metabolism and calorie burning. It’s very important to practice even the most moderate exercise on a daily basis.

5- Not Following Bedtime Routine

When we develop habits related to sleep, they can help us get ready for rest and fall asleep faster and longer. They can also help us avoid unhealthy bedtime meals, by replacing these bad habits with better ones.

Losing weight can be a difficult task, and the tasks only get harder at night when your defenses are down. To help avoid weight loss try to follow some strict bedtime routine. You will see the difference in just a number of days.

6- Not Getting Enough Sun Light

Our body required sunlight to help it balance circadian rhythms, produce vitamin D, and prepare for both day and night. Without sunlight, our body can get confused and assume that the lack of sun is due to the winter season.

For hundreds of years, our body has learned to associate winter with lean times and lack of food, and so shortened days actually cause our body to store more fat. Not a suitable situation when you’re trying to lose weight.

7- Setting The Alarm Too Late

It’s a fact, researchers say that people who are exposed to the bright light early in the morning have a lower body mass index than those who’re exposed to light later on in the morning.

It’s proven that even 20-30 minutes of natural outdoor light affects your body mass index. So wake up early and go for a morning walk with your friends and family.

8-  Habit of Consuming Late-Night Coffee

Although coffee is very helpful in burning fat to some extent during the day consuming it before going to bed can increase the chances of weight gain. coffee has a substance called Chlorogenic acid that activates weight gain during sleep.

Scientists link the consumption of chlorogenic acid, found in coffee, to weight gain. Try to replace the habit of consuming coffee with herbal tea or, even better, with warm water.

9- Not Proper Room Decor

If your bedroom decor does not promote restful sleep then consider it as another major bedtime mistakes. Since we know how important sleep is to avoiding weight gain, it makes sense to create a room as restful as possible.

If you are facing trouble sleeping at night, consider a fresh coat of paint recommended color is blue. This color promotes sleep naturally.

That’s what I found really interesting and worth sharing bedtime mistakes that make us gain weight. Please comment below and let us know your opinion on this?

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