Looking for real-time natural sugar substitutes in order to satisfy your sugar craving? there are many natural sugar substitutes available in the market near you.

The first thing all healthy eating practitioners highly recommend is cutting down on sugar. We ourselves know that sugar has few benefits for the health; In addition, its energy value is 398 kcal per 100 g. But it’s so hard for us to give up all sweet things!

Good news! We found 8 natural sweeteners for you that will help you easily forget about sugar.

1- Agave Syrup

Although caloric, agave syrup is even much sweeter than sugar, which means it can be added in smaller amounts. Of course, it is also much healthier as it is full of potassium, calcium, and iron.

Where we can add it: Drinks and cocktails. It is not as thick as honey and it dissolves easily in the water.

2- Barley Malt

Yes, barley malt is also a perfect substitute for sugar. It stimulates the metabolism, strengthens the immune system, and even improves eye vision.

Where we can add it: Barley malt is perfectly used for baking. It gives the dough a special flavor and furthermore, a crispy crust.

3- Coconut Sugar

Despite its high energy levels, coconut sugar has a low glycemic index (which means it is better assimilated) and many other excellent benefits. Plus, it’s simply delicious, so much better than regular sugar for you.

Where we can add it: Anywhere in your meal instead of sugar.

4- Dates

Dates are very healthy and nutritious fruits, often recommended as a healthy snack. It turns out that they can also be consumed to replace sugar.

Where we can add it: Of course, you can’t add them directly into tea or in your coffee, but they can easily replace cookies. Or you can get date syrup and add it to anything you want to eat. There is also a date paste available in the market that can be included in dessert recipes.

5- Mulberry Syrup

In the East, the mulberry is well known as “the queen of berries” for its healing properties. Mulberry syrup well preserves these properties, in addition to giving food a specific flavor.

Where we can add it: Drinks and desserts.

6- Molasses

Thick, sweet molasses is full of minerals and vitamins B, and it tastes so much like sugar that you might not even notice a difference.

Where we can add it: Ideal for pastries and desserts.

7- Liquid Grape Sugar

Grape sugar has recently risen to the top of the list, threatening to topple common sugar. It is also well known as a means of prolonging life. Its strengths are the low-calorie content, clean production, and even healthy properties.

Where we can add it: Drinks, pasta, desserts, marinades.

8- Sorghum Sugar

Produced from the sweet sap of sorghum, sorghum sugar has been used in China since ancient times and is well known for its health benefits. It also offers about half the calories of common sugar.

Where we can add it: Drinks, pasta, desserts.

That is what I found really interesting and worth sharing natural sugar substitutes. Kindly comment below and let us know what your take on this?

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