The freezing season is coming now coming your way and now you looking for the things that may happen to your body this winter? Yes, it happens with everyone.

Cold temperatures tend to keep us indoors and make us more vulnerable to viruses and infections, but in addition to these winter illnesses, cold weather can affect our bodies in a number of surprising ways.

And not all of them can be harmful to our health, in fact, it is easier for us to maintain weight during the coldest time of the year.

Here we outlined 6 things that may happen to your body in the winter

1- Your Blood Sugar May Increase

Cold weather stimulates your body to release stress hormones that increase blood sugar levels. For many, as the temperature drops, blood sugar also rises because, in cold weather, we are less motivated to go outside and walk.

Since physical activity lowers blood sugar, it is recommended to exercise at home during winter to keep blood sugar under control.

2- You Could Lose Weight

While it is true that some people gain weight in winter, it is also easier for the body to burn calories in cold weather. When our bodies adapt to low temperatures, we produce heat and then burn extra energy.

When we are shivering to adapt to the cold, we are burning more and more calories to generate heat.

3- Your Eyesight May Worsen

Our eyes may be at greater risk in winter than in summer. We often forget to wear sunglasses with a UV blocker in the cold season, but the sun reflected off the snow can seriously damage our eyes.

The thin layer of tear film that covers our eyes is very sensitive to dry air and wind, which can painfully dry them out. Doctors highly recommend the use of artificial tears in winter when you are outside.

4- You Could Get More Wrinkles

We should not entirely blame winter for the appearance of more wrinkles, but our skin is more vulnerable to damage during the cold weather conditions.

As there is a drop in the humidity of the air during the cold season, your skin begins to dry. It cannot retain enough water. As a result, becomes dry and adds more wrinkles.

5- Your Teeth Might Hurt

If you have sensitive teeth, you may experience sharp, piercing pain when it’s cold outside. Cold air can reach the deepest nerves of the tooth and it will cause pain.

Dentists highly recommend breathing through your nose when outdoors and wrapping a scarf around your mouth to keep it warm and protect sensitive teeth from the cold.

6- Your Tongue Works More Than Usual

Cold temperatures cause your lips to dry out and you are often tempted to lick them to hydrate them. While it can only provide temporary relief, this habit can leave your lips chapped.

Saliva evaporates very quickly, leaving your lips dry. It also provides many enzymes that are very aggressive on your delicate lips and can cause discomfort.

I found it really worth sharing Things that May Happen To Your Body. Kindly comment below and let us know your take on this?

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