Different negative things happen to you when don’t get enough sun and vise versa when you expose your skin to the sun, your body begins to produce vitamin D, also known as the sun vitamin. It plays a vital role in the proper functioning of many organs in the body.

According to a recent famous study, nearly 40% of Americans experience a vitamin D deficiency. People who avoid sun exposure or who don’t get enough can experience different negative consequences that we are going to discuss below.

1- Foot Deformities

Because vitamin D facilitates the absorption of phosphates and calcium through digestion, it is very helpful in treating bone-related problems. Yes, the lack of calcium in the bones produces changes in the bone structure and its deformation.

Increasing your vitamin D intake in the form of supplements or exposing yourself to sunlight can be helpful for people to maintain an adequate level of calcium in their bones and cells.

2- Colorectal Cancer

Studies claimed that low sun exposure and therefore insufficient vitamin D in cells can lead to the development of colorectal cancer.

Vitamin D levels determine the survival and even growth of cancer cells. Additionally, sufficient vitamin D levels are associated with better overall survival for colon cancer patients.

3- Skin Problems

Since psoriasis is a malfunction of the immune system, vitamin D can change the balance in a very positive way. Exposure to ultraviolet B rays can be an effective way to treat acne and other skin problems.

Maintaining a healthy dose of vitamin D would make a big difference in the health of your skin.

4- Weight Gain

Muscle weakness and bone pain can contribute to weight gain, hindering activity, and burning calories. Additionally, vitamin D and the hormone leptin work together to control body weight effectively.

Leptin, produced in fat cells, sends signals to the brain directly so that a person knows it is full. Vitamin D helps these signals reach the brain, and deficiency of vitamin D can disrupt the cycle. As a result, you don’t feel overeat or full.

5-  Weak Bones

Calcium and vitamin D have long been recognized as very important and necessary nutrients for bone health. Calcium is absorbed from the small intestine with the help of vitamin D.

Deficiency of vitamin D leads to decreased calcium absorption and, as a result, a weakened bone structure. Additionally, people who don’t get enough sun or vitamin D supplements suffer from bone pain, and muscle weakness,

6- Depression

Modern society is centered around office jobs and computers and you can’t surprise anyone with late hours at the office. People tend to spend more time in front of the laptop or desktops, instead of walking or spending time outdoors.

Even when we have time to rest, we watch TV shows or play video games on mobiles. As a result, the sun plays a very important role in putting a smile on our face, because lack of light is really a mood killer.

I found it really interesting and worth sharing things that happen to you if you don’t get enough sun. Kindly comment below and let us know what your take on this?

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