Looking for tips to get rid of a headache? Yes! Because nowadays headache is a common illness around the world due to stressful routine.

There are several types of natural and effective tips to get rid of a headache such as yoga, massage therapies, or even the use of some essential oils.

Try these 11 most effective tips and get to feeling better fast.

1- Breathing exercises

It may sound silly! we all breathe all the time, but tension-related headaches may sometime be relieved with the help of breathing exercises. It helps by focusing on your mind and ease your muscles.

Start this exercise in a quiet place with a comfortable chair in your office, or home where no one can disturb you. Next, take slow breaths, breathing in for five seconds then out for five seconds. With this, you felt relaxed and your muscle tightness reduces.

2-  Heat Up or Cool Down

An ice pack is also a perfect option to get rid of headaches because applying it on the back of your neck can you relief from migraine and also cold from ice helps you to get rid of the inflammation that contributes to headaches. Also soaking feet in hot water may help you to get rid of headaches.

For a severe headache, add a little amount of hot mustard powder or mustard oil to the water. You can also place a washcloth dipped in hot water over your head for 10 minutes. Repeat this process many times to get relief,

3- Get Some Caffeine

Consume some tea, coffee, or something with a little caffeine in it. If you get it early enough, it could give you benefit in your headache pain. Caffeine helps to improve mood, increases alertness, all of which can have a positive effect on headache problems.

It may also help increase the effectiveness of common medications used to treat headaches, like ibuprofen, and acetaminophen.

4- Drink Water

Consuming water has been shown to relieve headache symptoms in most dehydrated individuals within 20 minutes to 2 hours because inadequate water may lead you to develop severe pain in your head.

One famous study has shown that chronic dehydration is a common reason for tension-related headaches and migraines. To avoid dehydration headaches, you should have to focus on drinking more water or eating water-rich foods.

5- Limit Alcohol

Some of the studies have shown that alcohol can trigger migraines in about 1/3 of those who experience frequent headaches. Alcohol may also been shown to cause tension in many people. It widens Blood vessels and allows blood to circulate more freely in the body.

Plus, alcohol acts as a diuretic, causes the body to lose fluid through frequent urination. This fluid loss can lead to dehydration problems, which may cause or worsen headaches.

6- Dim The Lights

Bright or flickering light, even from your computer screen, can be harmful and can cause migraine headaches. If you’re prone to them, cover your windows with curtains during the day.

Use sunglasses outdoors. You might also add anti-glare screens to your computer while doing online work and use daylight-spectrum fluorescent bulbs in your light fixtures.

7- Massage Therapy

Massages somehow may look luxurious, but they’re also incredibly beneficial in the head pain. Sometimes headaches result from tension in the upper body due to muscle strain from poor posture or a tough workout routine.

Massage therapy may be able to reduce chronic pain as well as ease muscle tension that is the main reason behind headaches.

8- Use B-Complex Vitamin

B-complex vitamins offer all eight of the B vitamins and are a safe, more importantly, cost-effective way to naturally treat headache symptoms.

B vitamins are considered safe to take on a regular basis, as they are water-soluble and any excess will be flushed out through the urine. B vitamins are a group of water-soluble micronutrients that play very vital roles in the body.

9- Use a Heating Pad or Hot Compress

If you are suffering from a tension headache, place a heating pad on your neck or the back of your head. This therapy is very popular nowadays because of its benefits.

If you have a headache due to sinus which is very common nowadays, hold a warm cloth to the area that hurts. A warm shower might also do the perfect job for you.

10- Relax With Yoga

Practicing yoga is a perfect way to relieve stress, increase flexibility, decrease pain, and improve your overall quality of life. and even changes your lifestyle Taking up yoga may even help you to reduce the intensity and frequency of the headaches.

One study conducted a test and investigated the effects of yoga therapy on 50 people with chronic migraines. Headache frequency and intensity were reduced more in those receiving both yoga therapy.

11- Get Adequate Sleep

We hear a lot about the health problems caused by lack of sleep, and not getting your nightly minimum can lead to chronic headaches. But knowing you need more sleep and actually getting it are two different things.

Getting too much sleep may be also the cause of headaches in many cases, making getting the right amount of rest important for those looking for natural headache prevention at home.

That is what I found worth sharing tips to get rid of a headache. Kindly comment below and let us know what your take on this?

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