The choice of foods that can reduce heart attack risk and Diet plays a major role in heart health. People who are conscious of the heart always choose the right food.

There are many things you can do to help keep your heart healthy and disease-free but the choice food is a main thing to do.

Just remember one thing heart attack is still the number one killer in the United States from past many years.

Here we outlined 11 super foods that can reduce heart attack risk and gives you a healthy lifestyle. You just need to change your diet plan according to them.

1۔ Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are very high in vitamin C, which has been linked with a lower risk of heart disease. Women who consume large amounts of the flavonoids found in oranges and grapefruits have an average of 19% lower risk of ischemic stroke than women who don’t get as much of these Nutrients.

Stick with citrus fruits as they also provide a high amount of fiber. Remember, be aware that grapefruit may interfere with the action of cholesterol-controlling drugs.

2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are full of a natural plant named lycopene which has very powerful antioxidant properties. Antioxidants have the quality to neutralize harmful free radicals and inflammation both of which can contribute to heart disease.

Eating two tomatoes for at least 4 times per week increased levels of “good” HDL cholesterol. Higher levels of HDL cholesterol can help remove excess cholesterol from the arteries to keep your heart healthy and protect against heart disease.

3. Add Veggies And Fruits To Your Diet

Veggies and fruits are a very powerful source of minerals and vitamins. They are also low in calories and rich in fiber. They are very helpful in preventing cardiovascular disease. Eating vegetables and fruits may help you to reduce the intake of higher calorie foods such as meat, and cheese, etc.

Adding vegetables and fruits in your diet plan is very easy. You can easily wash and store vegetables in your refrigerator for quick snacks. Keep fruits in the bowl and place it in your kitchen main area so that you will remember to eat it.

4. Reduce Intake of Sodium in Your Food

Consuming so much sodium can cause high blood pressure which is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. And, reducing the intake of sodium is an important part of a heart-healthy diet.

Reducing the amount of salt you add to your daily food or while cooking is a perfect first step. much of the salt you eat comes from canned foods, such as soups, and frozen dinners. Making your own soups and stews at home can reduce the amount of salt.

5۔ Green tea

Green tea is very popular in the wast and has too many significant health benefits. One of the famous studies in 2013 found that people who consume about 4 to 5 cups of green tea daily had a 15% to 20% risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Another study that found lower rates of death, including death from heart disease, among avid drinkers of green tea.

6۔ Broccoli, spinach and kale

When it comes to health, vegetables considered to be the best food for maintaining good health. Especially, green vegetables can give an extra boost to your heart health. They act as an antioxidant and counter harmful compounds in your body.

They are also rich in fiber and contain lots of minerals and vitamins. Kale also has a ton of omega-3 fatty acids. Basically, green vegetables are super healthy foods.


This fruit is considered to be a king of fruits for heart health because it contains numerous antioxidants including heart promoting anthocyanins which are helpful for staving off hardening of the arteries.

One study of heart disease patients found that daily consumption of pomegranate juice for three months showed improvements in the flow of blood to the heart. Ultimately, though, it’s very important to add variety in your diet.

8۔ Eat Blueberries

Not only blueberries but strawberries and other berries as well. Women aged from 25 to 42 who consume more than 3 servings of blueberries and strawberries within a week had a 30% lower risk of heart attack compared with those who consume less amount.

One of the studies attributed the benefit to compounds known as anthocyanins, flavonoids that may decrease blood pressure.

9۔ Walnuts

Most nuts have monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, and other supernatural substances that may keep cholesterol levels and blood pressure in check and balance. Walnuts are very special because they’re also a great source of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids.

Walnuts make a perfect snack with a piece of fruit. For breakfast, put some chopped walnuts on top of a bowl of warm oatmeal along with a little honey.

10۔ Avocados

Avocados are rich in fatty acids. Additionally, they’re loaded with vitamins and phytochemicals that work as antioxidants to protect your heart. Oleic acid, the monosaturated fatty acid in avocados, is famous for reducing inflammation in the body, especially in the heart.

Avocado oil is also very healthy and safe for cooking because the fats in the oil are resistant to heat-induced oxidation, a process that makes some fats bad for you once they have reached a certain level of high temperature.

11۔ Soy Foods

Yes, Soy is a plant protein and a perfect alternative to meat. It has a great cardiovascular effect which includes lowering blood pressure and reducing bad cholesterol.

Replacement of soy a few times a week can cut down on the number of saturated fats in your diet. Add tofu to your favorite stir-fry or add soy milk to your morning cereal

That’s what I found really interesting and worth sharing about foods that can reduce heart attack risk Please comment below and let us know your opinion on this?

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