Think you’re leading a healthy lifestyle? Aside from occasionally veering off the path, most of us thought we are doing justice to maintain our health with good eating habits and physical activity whenever we manage to fit it in. But is that enough to be considered “healthy?”

According to a recent study, very few adults actually meet the criteria for a healthy lifestyle. There was a time when people think that physical fitness alone was important in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Listening to your body and mind in an equal proportion is important and the basis of having a healthy lifestyle. Here we outlined 11 very helpful tips for a healthy lifestyle that you must follow in 2021.

1- Incorporate HIIT

You have probably heard of HIIT somewhere from your friends and family members. It basically stands for high-intensity interval training and is the key to short, powerful exercises.

It increases Post-Oxygen Excess Consumption (EPOC), which basically keeps you burning calories all day long. Plus, these exercises are incredibly powerful to get the best results and hardly take time.

2- Try Vacuum

This is for those looking for a tight, sucked stomach. Emptiness is an exercise that you can do anywhere. Just pull your navel towards your spine even for a minute. Hold and release slowly.

This is something you can do while driving, sitting in your office, or doing housework so it’s totally easy and convenient. Plus, it’s a secret that bodybuilders and bikini contestants used to use for that pulled in the stomach.

3- Foods High In Volume And Low In Calories

The technical term is a low-calorie food, but being the kind of casual person you are, let’s just stick with your term. So what does that mean? Simple, it means eating low calorie but extremely filling foods.

Think of vegetables, for instance. You could eat a ton of vegetables and probably consume no more than a few hundred calories.

4- Make It Fit Your Lifestyle

This one you can’t stress enough! If you find healthy foods that are good for your lifestyle. Yes, you are already one step ahead of the rest.

The key to effortlessly getting in shape is making it fit into your lifestyle in a way you LOVE the most! If you like it and it’s enjoyable, you will find yourself happy and reaching your goals without even realizing it.

5- Try To Lower Down Stress

Many people think that the reason stress is harmful is because it causes overeating. But this is just a small picture of the truth.

Fitness involves much more than “calories in versus calories out,” as many would like to believe. In fact, the hormones that control our metabolism can play an important role in this situation.

6- Leave Your Workout Clothes By Your Bed

Sometimes we go to the gym or do yoga, while other days it’s a brisk walk to our favorite podcast. Either way, the perfect way to prepare your mind is to put your gym clothes next to your bed.

It’s so much easier to resist the urge to delay when all of yesterday’s intentions are literally in your face. Another trick is to keep an inspiring photo by the bed for morning inspiration.

7- Reduce Salt And Sugar Intake

A high salt intake can cause high blood pressure which could lead to the risk of cardiovascular disease. There are different ways to reduce salt Intake, when shopping, we could buy products with lower sodium content.

Sugar offers sweetness and an attractive taste. Plus, sugary foods and drinks are rich in energy and are best enjoyed in moderation. But try to reduce its intake because it may cause diabetes.

8- Get On The Move And Make It A Habit

Physical activity is vital for people of all types of weight and health conditions. It is very helpful for burning off the extra calories. Plus, it is best for the heart and circulatory system, it maintains or increases our muscle mass, it helps us improves overall health well-being.

We are not top athletes to get on the move! 150 minutes per week of moderate physical activity are best for our health, and it can easily become part of our daily routine.

9- Be Social

There are lots of platforms where you can reach your goals with other people just like you. Hearing their inspirational stories or having them hold you accountable can be a gamechanger for you.

Of course, you can always find a workout friend as well. However, the key is to find someone who has already proven themselves consistent and most importantly accountable to their goals.

10- Drink Plenty Of Water

This is probably one of the most important aspects of having a healthy life. If you drink a lot of water, We can almost guarantee you will see crazy results! Add some tea bags or fruit to flavor it, use lemon and stevia to make lemonade, or just guzzle it plain!

The best trick is to have a water bottle with you and always be sipping. It’s easier to just sip from a straw than risk dumping water from an open-top bottle all over your body.

11- Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has nothing to do with starving yourself! It simply has to do with eating within a certain period of time. The one most important point to note here is that regular intermittent fasting might not be ideal if you are a woman.

There are many different types of hormones to keep in mind regarding gender. However, for the most part, fasting can be extremely effective for a healthy lifestyle.

I found it really worth sharing tips for a healthy lifestyle. Kindly comment below and let us know what your take on this?

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