You are joining a gym or already going to the gym is looking for ways to boost your workout performance? Smart working is a basic requirement for this.

Not everyone out there is 100 percent ready for a workout regularly or has a satisfying workout every day. There come some days when you feel less productive and less excited.

It depends upon several factors and the main factor is your health because in order to have a perfect workout you need to be perfectly all right both mentally and physically.

Here are 11 effective ways to boost your workout performance and you can start following these steps right now to make excellent and productive workouts every time you walk into the gym.

1- Warm Up Properly

Sometimes we skip the warmup session before starting a weight training session which eventually compromises our performance at the gym. A 15-minutes of the warm-up session is quit enough as it helps to increase the blood flow to the muscles. Warmup delivers strength when it comes to lifting the weight.

Basically, A solid warm-up also increases the blood flow to your arms and legs which has a direct effect on your strength. According to research. A good warm-up also reduces the risk of our injury, especially we are lifting the heavyweights.

2- Walk Into The Gym With a Plan

Having a plan of action before going to the gym can help you to motivate and avoid walking aimlessly around and unable to decide what to do next. The things without a plan not only waste your precious time but also makes them less efficient. According to Jared Kaplan, founder of Studio 26 “A clear plan is your secret weapon”.

It’s also a very good idea to have a plan B. Just in case the machine you were planning to use is taken. Move to the other parts of your workout and come back when it’s free. Planning in any work is helpful and makes you more efficient.

3- Be Well-Hydrated, And Rested

Everything you do in your workout sets the basis for the next session. Such as the food you consume, the time you take for a rest, and the fluids you drank. These all activities help you recover and perform better next time.

Get these three things on regular basis such as right nutrition, rest, and hydration and you will see the miracle in the gym when you are doing a workout.

4- Think Strong

Your mental approach is as important as your fitness program when it comes to performance or efficiency. Mental Imagery or visualization are powerful tools when strength is the main concern.

For instance, a study conducted by researchers at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation compared people who went to the gym with people who carried out virtual workouts in their heads. The gym-goers experienced a 30% increase in strength, while the virtual training group increased bicep muscle strength by 13.4% by merely visualizing the workout.

5- Have a Training Partner

Training alone doesn’t really helpful because training with someone always keeps you motivated and helps you with a bigger weight. Training with a partner is always a better idea then training alone or any other matter. Sometimes you feel laziness and want to skip the gym, your partner will force you to have a workout.

You will be able to lift heavy weights and workout longer when you are doing a workout with your partner. He/She will help you to lift as well as motivates you to do more.

6- Play The Right Music

Music is also one of the most effective ways to boost your workout performance. It can immediately improve your mood to do anything. you can use many channels that are available at youtube which many bodybuilders listen to when they doing the workout.

Music in your head leads you to do a better workout than a silent gym with a noise of dumbbells and talks which are not related to your gym sessions. Simply, It will reduce the distraction and stupid noises that may be disturbing you while working out at the gym.

7- Put Your Phone Aside

For a better workout performance avoid using a cell phone like avoid texting in groups or check that Snapchat messages etc. Your workout time is just like an investment, so invest this time for yourself and you will get the higher returns later.

If you want to listen to some music than a better choice is to put your phone on airplane mode and then use it as a music player to enjoy your time in the gym during your workout session.

8- Change Your Workout Gear

When you look good definitely you will feel good. When you wear some old stuff or wearing a raggedy old T-shirt and look into the mirror you will definitely feel down and your motivation level also goes down.

Wear new tank tops, and sneakers in the gym it will give you a boost and you will feel motivated. It sounds ridiculous to some people, but study after study has concluded that what you wear affects how you perform.

9- Avoid Higher-Fat Meals

A University of Maryland School of Medicine study reported that a high-fat meal blunts the ability of nitric oxide to dilate blood vessels for up to four hours. That means less blood flow to the muscles and less of a muscle pump, which is more costly if you have invested in an NO supplement.

In the four hours before your workout, avoid eating large amounts of fats, such as Burgers, Pizzas, and packaged foods.

10- Eat a Green Salad

The same University of Maryland researchers also discovered that consuming a small green salad with a high-fat meal prevented the adverse effects on blood vessel dilation, likely by enhancing nitric oxide.

About two hours before you go to the gym, include a green salad with low-fat dressing with your meal.

11- Attend a Bodybuilding Competition

There is nothing a better place than a live bodybuilding competition for motivation. Visit the contest and meet the bodybuilders and capture pictures with them. The same picture will help you to work harder every single day.

You can also choose your bodybuilder idle like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, and aim to become like them.

That’s what I found really interesting and worth sharing about ways to boost your workout performance. Please comment below and let us know your opinion on this?

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