Exercise Routine for starters can be overwhelming, and it may cause you to quit mentally even before you start if you get too overwhelmed with the details.

After all, there are many different types of exercise such as cardio, weight lifting, yoga, pilates, barre, kickboxing, boot camp, your head will be spinning as you scroll through the different websites, especially if exercise, in general, is a foreign word in your vocabulary.

Below you will find amazing 10 tips to help get you started into your own exercise routine.

1- Get A Plan

The perfect way to do this is to first have a goal. If you want to become a runner, find a couch to 5k plan, read a few running articles, and learn a bit of the lingo. If you want to be more active, look for a class or an online plan that you can easily follow.

Exercise classes are a great way to try all different types of exercise while still getting some guidance from an instructor. Or hire a personal trainer, they can prepare a plan for you to follow based on your defined goals.

2- Mark Your Calendar

Mark your calendar with the days you are ready for exercise, block off the time and keep the appointment. This time should be sacred to you, so try not to let it get moved around too much and do not waste your time.

Just remember why you wanted to start this journey and write yourself notes to keep yourself motivated. Have these reminders go off like an alarm on your phone, giving you constant motivation.

3- Start Slow

Start slowly, the worst thing you can do is start off thinking you are going to exercise 4-5 days a week after being sedentary for years. It’s going to stress you out and you will soon hate the idea.

Instead start slow and gradually add days, time, and intensity to your exercise routine.

4- Stop Being Self-Limiting

We tend to talk ourselves out of so much and this is just a wastage of idea and time. Giving lame excuses like “I’m not flexible” as a reason not to try yoga or “I don’t have any rhythm, I couldn’t possibly like a dance class” or my least favorite,

“I can’t!”. With this kind of attitude, you are not doing good things for you and that’s not good for your fitness at all. Give yourself a chance. Try things out and then form your opinion. You might surprise yourself one day.

5- Find A Friend

Having someone to hold you accountable is often the key to success as a beginner. Find a friend with similar goals who has been exercising consistently, and ask if you can tag along.

This way you know you have someone that will hold you accountable. Best for exercise routine for starters.

6- Buy The Right Equipment

One of the major and biggest causes of injury and discomfort that can be avoided is improper equipment selection. For example, if you are planning on going to starting a running routine, you might want to ensure you have a well-fitting sports bra (for women) and a pair of shoes designed for what you are doing.

There is nothing uncomfortable or bad than an oversized cotton shirt, heavy with sweat, weighing you down during exercise. The same goes for Pilates, Barre, or Yoga. Be sure to have the right equipment.

7- Hydrate Like It’s Your Job

Even in the days, you aren’t training. This helps avoid cramps and helps flush the toxins out of your body. Being well hydrated also allows your muscles to be suspended in water, freely moving when you do the workout.

Only drinking soda or coffee and tea as your main sources of water, these caffeinated beverages are actually diuretics, which leech even more water out of your system. When you are dehydrated you don’t have as much energy and you recover slower. This makes exercise less enjoyable!

8- Fuel Properly

Be sure to have some small snack options in the morning before your workout if you find that you are getting dizzy in your early morning workout class. Peanut butter and a half of banana are a perfect option. Alternatively, you will also find that you do best on a handful of nuts or a protein shake.

You will need to experiment to find what works perfectly for your body, but don’t’ get discouraged! Don’t stuff yourself with dinner and then try to come to a high-intensity (HIIT) class or yoga. You will regret it Later!

9- Hire A Trainer

It will be money well spent. Explain to the trainer that you are trying to get a basic understanding of what will work best for your goals. Have them sit down and create a plan that is suitable for your goals.

Over 6 weeks, you should learn all the exercises you need to become self-sufficient. There are so many options available, you can find a trainer at a gym near to you or even you can hire one online.

10- Fitness Is A Journey

Don’t get caught up in the comparison game. Yes, there will be people that are more fit than you. So what, this is your story, your journey.

Everyone starts somewhere. Don’t ever try to compare your beginning days to someone else’s 7-year plan. It will destroy your plan!

That is what I found worth sharing about exercise routine for starters. Kindly comment below and let us know what your take on this?

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